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Welcome to WellStrategic – Drone Photography Perth – Whether it is aerial video, photography or inspection, our CASA-certified UAV Drone Photographers in Perth can do the job.

Our customers are any companies in need of capturing the missing perspectives, exploring WA’s dynamic and exciting environment, surveying the dangerous landscapes, and creating the finest picture-based portfolios of their services.

Our magic is in our use of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), today’s most potential technology that aims to facilitate and revolutionize every industry you can think of.

 A  Better and Fresh Perspective from Above

WellStrategic Creative can bring you and your business a piece you might’ve missed. A single, yet intricate detail for your services.

We are licensed drone operators in Perth who can help shed light by capturing missing perspectives. We can explore the dangerous landscapes of WA and create a picturesque and clear perspective portfolio of the perspective you need for your projects.

Why choose our drone services?

Aerial perspectives are the future and UAVs are the key. Amazon, in fact, is starting their own experiment with drone shipping. Real estate, mining, and a whole lot of other types of businesses are now using drones.

These quadcopters are used as a means for surveying, mapping distant terrains, capturing bird’s eye views of stunning structures, inspecting wind turbines, creating entertainment videos, stitching panoramic views of development projects, and more.

If these industries use UAVs to add more perspective about their company – you should do so too.

Almost every industry can benefit from it.

However, some companies tend to overlook the benefits of any of their processes. They either buy their own UAVs or hire a dedicated team to operate their own equipment. Whilst this is a great idea, there are professionals who can do the job for you. 

We have operators and equipment that can deliver uncompromised and professional aerial imaging services.

Why outsource your Aerial Imaging Needs with us?

Owning UAVs and using them for imaging is fascinating. However, unmanned aerial vehicles, known as drones, still need an operator to pilot them. 

Controlling them in the air while taking perfect shots and footage is not only difficult but also downright impossible when weather and wind conditions aren’t friendly and the equipment is not up to the job.

You also need to account for pilot errors which can be costly. You could lose the equipment. Even worse, you could lose valuable footage as a result of the crash. 

Furthermore, aerial imaging is not taking random pictures of your target. Our professionally trained operators have the knowledge, experience, and skills of photography to capture images.

On top of that, why purchase expensive UAVs, pay salaries to technicians, spend on maintenance costs, etc. when you can outsource it all at a fraction of that cost?

What WellStrategic Can Achieve with Its Drones


Drone Photography Perth

Aerial Photography Perth – We have the perfect combination of high quality, high-tech equipment and the needed expertise to create awe-inspiring pictures. Our results are breathtakingly beautiful and can add new spirit and energy to any photography project.


Drone Videography Perth – While the challenge with drone photography Perth is keeping the drone still and finding the perfect angles, videos are a completely different domain. They require expert handling of the drone to come up with stable, stunning, and fluid videos.

Virtual Tours | VR

If there is one technology that‘s set to change the world at the same magnitude as the drone, it is virtual reality. UAV are the best tool for creating lifelike and immersive virtual tours, whether they are for entertainment purposes or to market your services i.e. travel and tourism services.


Drones can be the lifesavers in the mining industry. While exploring the mines, it saves precious human lives, mining companies can use data to get rid of inefficiencies in their mining too. In addition to that, they can help reduce overhead costs considerably. By accessing the most inaccessible realms by humans, UAV can help reduce project delays and hence unnecessary costs associated with them.

Industrial Inspection

Drones are the perfect tools for industrial inspections because they save you a lot of time and money. You can inspect wind turbines, power lines, pipelines, cellular towers, etc. with drones in less than half the time it takes for humans to do the same.

Building and Roof Inspection

Building and roof inspections are critical. A damaged roof is a threat to the lives of those living in that building. Getting humans on top of high roofs is unsafe. With drones, the job is easier, safer, and faster.

Construction Support

Continuously monitor your construction projects and identify any accidentals that might be causing delays in your progress. Get pictures and videos of your construction projects, and receive notifications of any incidents. Moreover, we also offer time-delayed imagery.

Observation and Security

Take your security to the next level with drones. While humans can go to sleep, drones do not. Drones can get you a bird’s eye view of the entire terrain that you want to monitor.

Regardless of your unique requirements associated with imaging services, your choice of service provider matters critically. Here are some reasons why we at WellStrategic – Drone Operators Perth, believe make us the best imaging service provider in Western Australia.

Why Choose Us?

  • We Have CASA Certification

How expensive a company’s equipment does not matter when the company does not have the proper certification to fly the drones in the air. WellStrategic pilots are CASA certified and have the proper insurance coverage. These are just a few indicators of our seriousness with our work and dedication towards our customers.

One of the things that make us the best fit for this job is our passion and knowledge of photography. We are professional photographers, so we know the gear, technology, angle etc. that work to create the best results for your projects.

  • We Service a Wide Range of Industries

Drone Photography is what we do. That’s our passion and profession. Whether you are looking to create a mesmerizing photography experience or need the mapping of a mining terrain, we have the knowledge, expertise, and the network of professionals to give you what you are looking for.

  • We Have the Experience

Despite our skills with photography and knowledge of drones, we believe in experience. It’s the experience that has taught us what works in drone imaging service and what does not.

  • We Back Our Work with Guarantee

You will not find a lot of imaging services in Australia backing up their work with guarantees. We do it! If you don’t like the final product, let us know and we will do a free shoot for the same job without charging you anything.

Choose WellStrategic Today!

Outsourced imaging services are the cost-efficient solutions that serve small and large businesses equally.

Call us today on 0434116429 for any imaging service needs because you can’t find a better alternative.

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