About WellStrategic

Meet Craig Wells


Craig Wells is the dynamic force behind WellStrategic, inspired by a vision to use cutting-edge technologies and creative techniques to change digital marketing.

Commercial Photography

Our proficiency in encapsulating the spirit of brands via superior, expert photography aids companies in communicating their brand and worth visually.


We use search engine optimisation techniques to increase

internet presence and attract relevant traffic,

making certain that his customers stand out online.

Web Development and Design:

Our passion is creating visually stunning and easy-to-use websites that guarantee a flawless user experience by connecting with each brand’s core values.

Principal Achievements

Photographer for Google Virtual Tours with Over 8 Years of Trust: Acknowledged for remarkable abilities in digital photography, As a Google Trusted Photographer, Craig has promoted companies on the global

biggest platform for searches. Broad Portfolio: He has captured more than 700 virtual tours throughout Australia,

providing customers with a fully immersive visual experience of their business.


Virtual Tours Photographed – Australia Wide!


Commercial Experience

15+ Years in Sales and Marketing: Craig’s sales and marketing career has been notable for its innovative strategies and successful campaigns that have significantly boosted the growth of a number of brands.

Strategist for branding and advertising: Having served as director of strategy before, he offers a wealth of expertise in creating effective branding and advertising campaigns.

Industry Inputs

Western Australian Tourism Council Trainer: Enthusiastic about imparting information,

Craig is actively involved in developing the next generation of tourism professionals.

Well-Known Clientele

Prestigious brands include Crown, Compass Group, Perth Airport,

Fremantle Prison, Woodside, BHP, Monadelphous, RAC, Recfishwest, Ramada Wyndham,

The Western Australian Tourism Council, Melville Mazda, GBF/McMahon, CJD, WAITOC, and others.


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