About WellStrategic

Meet Craig Wells


Craig Wells is the dynamic force behind WellStrategic, driven by a mission to revolutionise digital marketing with innovative strategies and cutting-edge technologies.

🎥 Video Production:

Craig specialises in creating engaging and impactful video content

that narrates compelling brand stories, enhancing brand presence in the digital space.

📸 Commercial Photography:

His expertise in capturing the essence of brands through high-quality,

professional photography helps businesses visually communicate their value and identity.

🚀 SEO Mastery:

Craig leverages search engine algorithms to boost

online visibility and drive targeted traffic,

ensuring that his clients stand out in the digital landscape.

🌐 Web Design and Development:

He is dedicated to crafting user-friendly, visually appealing websites

that resonate with each brand’s ethos, ensuring a seamless user experience.

🏆 Key Accomplishments:

Google Trusted Virtual Tour Photographer (Over 8 Years):

Recognised for exceptional skills in virtual photography,

Craig has been a Google Trusted Photographer, showcasing businesses on the world’s

largest search platform.

Extensive Portfolio: He has photographed over 700 virtual tours across Australia,

offering clients an immersive visual experience of their spaces.

💡 Industry Experience:

15+ Years in Sales and Marketing: Craig’s journey in sales and marketing is marked by innovative

strategies and successful campaigns that have driven significant growth for various brands.

Advertising and Branding Strategist: As a former Director of Strategy,

he brings extensive experience in crafting compelling advertising and branding solutions.

📚 Industry Contributions:

Tourism Council of Western Australia Trainer: Passionate about sharing knowledge,

Craig actively engages in training future talents in the tourism sector.

🤝 Renowned Clientele:

His client portfolio includes esteemed names like Crown, Compass Group, Perth Airport,

Woodside, BHP, Monadelphous, RAC, Recfishwest, Ramada Wyndham, Fremantle Prison,

Tourism Council of Western Australia, WAITOC, Melville Mazda, GBF/McMahon, CJD, and more.

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