Top 10 Virtual Tours Western Australia

Interstate travel has come to a complete standstill because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Financial and health need to weigh first and the only safest thing to do is follow social distancing etiquettes. Yet, because of the latest digital advancements, virtual tours are the next big thing in Western Australia. They allow you to wander and explore different locations without leaving your desk/home.  

With this in mind, WellStratetic Creative has created a list of their top 10 high-quality virtual tours Western Australia you can take for free by simply using your laptop, phone or tablet and some other cool travel experiences while social distancing.

1. Western Australia

Western Australia is oftentimes missed by many travellers who would preferably tour the hotspots on the east coast. Yet, Western Australia holds a bunch of AMAZING tourist spots you can visit occupying the whole western third of Australia and is recognized for its picturesque sceneries and breathtaking white sandy beaches.

2. TWR Crown Perth

Step into a world of glamour and style that will take your breath away! TWR is very happy to welcome you back to their exuding glamour and style, Perth’s most sophisticated bar. They have been recognized recently as Best Hotel Bar at the 2019 AHA WA Perth Airport Accommodation Awards. This place received a lot of outstanding reviews from some of the well-known names in Perth.

TWR is a bar for every sense, a bar that every feature is a talking point. They have a stunning vista overlooking the beautiful swan river.

3. Crown Towers Pool

Missing going out in a resort? Crown Towers Pool virtual tour allows you a truly unforgettable pool experience while social distancing. Crown Towers highlights luxurious cabanas surrounding the private infinity pool with breathtaking views of Perth and the Swan River.

They also provide luxury shopping, crystal club, and crown spa. This luxury hotel is 6 km apart from the art gallery of Western Australia.

4. Ramada Eco Beach

Experience a unique and unforgettable multi-awarded eco resort set amongst pristine and untouched Kimberley environment. It is located 130 km south of Broome, Western Australia.

They offer 25 superbly appointed luxurious eco villas by over 1km of elevated wooden boardwalks and 30 safari-style Eco Tents. They also have beach houses for larger groups with astonishing views of the Indian Ocean.

5. Epicurean Restaurant

Treat yourself with a sophisticated open kitchen restaurant experience nestled within the luxurious Crown Towers in Perth and enjoy the unparalleled array of Western and Asian cuisine that showcases the best local produce. Fresh and unique flavours are the main focus of Epicurean with everything created in-house.

6. Matsos

Escape the ordinary with Matsos’s Broome Brewery. They provide a large range of specialised, unique and seasonal beers since 1997. They are famous for its Ginger Beer and Mango Beer along with the ice-hot Chilli Beer and a range of seven products now available in bottle shops around Australia!

7. Kimberley Pearl Charters

Kimberley Pearl Boats is open for charter hire. A beautifully remastered and renovated old pearling vessel that has four queen-sized cabins best suited for groups of up to 74 guests. 

The kitchen is a vast facility catering for private and corporate clients fully suited to entertain large groups of up to 70 guests.

8. Penrhos College

A united church day school specialising in the education of girls, pre-kindergarten to year 12 located in Como, a southern suburb of Perth, Western Australia. They provide girls with the best opportunities free from gender stereotypes and expectations to become extraordinary women. 

9. Lobster Shack

Lobster Shack is now open! Catch fresh rock lobster for a fresh lunch and enjoy an epic Seal Watching to ‘sea’ the Sea Lions frolic in the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean. It is located just a two-hour drive north of Perth. They also offer lobster recipe meals that they have cooked over the years.

10. Red Sands Campers

Adventure awaits with the highest-quality campers for hire in Australia! They provide a great knowledge of Four Wheel Driving and camping as reflected in their custom-designed vehicles, which are comfortable and easy to use. 

This list is the perfect example of how much we can see beautiful places in Western Australia from the comfort of our home. This will serve us as an inspiration and guide to get us on the road to unforgettable experience.

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