A classic example of how not to be found on Google+ !

How not to be found on Google+?


I recently called in some old friends of mine who have a very cool yoga establishment called 24/7 Lifestyle Studio to have a quick chat about their Google+ page. Like most small business owners, they spend a lot of time running around, attempting to keep everything working 100% of the time.

The funny thing is, like most businesses out there, they understand how important Google is for their business. Websites, SEO, SEM, Adwords, retargeting—these things all matter. But when you ask, “Is your Google+ page up to scratch?” I always seem to get a bit of a confused, blank smile back.

After a quick evaluation, we discover that we have some big problems going on!

  1. They still had their Google+ page listed under their former business name from two years ago.
  2. The location marker was placed right on top of the local petrol station.
  3. Their profile had no imagery, logos, or website.
  4. Nobody knew who had the keys to the page.

Naturally, this is the type of job I love to get involved with!

Within 72 hours, we had sorted out all these issues, and BAMM 24/7 has one seriously enhanced Google profile.

You can see the results here.