Static Version – RAC Esperance Accessible Virtual Tour

For users who require additional accessibility features, this is the accessibility version created especially for them.

Here are some easy links to go to particular experience stops.

Main Entrance

Grassed Area

Entertainment Room

Camp Kitchen

BBQ Area


Villa Entrance

Villa Porch

Villa Lounge

Villa Kitchen

Villa Main Bedroom

Villa Second Bedroom

Villa Bathroom



You are facing the reception of RAC Esperance Holiday Park. On the left are the main street and beach, on the right are more camping areas; and further right is the way to accessible accommodation.

Grassed Area


You are facing the entertainment room, and to the left is the reception. To the right is the pool, BBQ area, camp kitchen, and accessible accommodation. Behind you is the playground.

BBQ Area


You are facing the BBQ’s and Camp Kitchen, and to the left is the Entertainment Room and Reception. To the right is accessible accommodation and behind you is the pool.

Entertainment Room


You are facing the TV and coffee table; to your left are the lounge, ping pong table, high tables, and stools. To your right are high tables and stools. The exit is behind you.

Camp Kitchen


You are facing the cooking area which contains sinks, ovens, microwaves, fridges and benches. To your right there are low tables and chairs and exits. To your left there are low tables and chairs and exits. Behind you is an exit to the BBQ area.



You are facing the swimming pool, which includes an accessible chair lift for access to the pool. To your right are the playground, grassed area and admin. To the left are the villas and behind is the BBQ area and camp kitchen .

Accessible Villa Entrance


You are facing the accessible villa; to your right are more villas, the beach, and a pool. On your left are camping grounds, a fire extinguisher, and ACROD parking. Behind you is the BBQ area.

Accessible Villa Porch


You are on the accessible villa porch facing the BBQ area, pool, camp kitchen, and entertainment room. To your left is the BBQ, and to your right is the dining table, three chairs, and a long bench to sit on. Behind you is the door to enter the villa lounge room. 

Accessible Villa Lounge


You are in the lounge room facing the kitchen, to your left are the couch, air conditioner, and coffee table. To your right is the main dining table with six chairs. On the wall is the TV. Behind you is the exit to the porch.

Accessible Villa Kitchen


You are in the kitchen, facing the bathroom and fridge. To your right are the oven, microwave, coffee pod machine, cupboards, dishwasher, sink. To your left are the main bedroom, second bedroom, toaster and kettle. Behind you is the  dining table, TV and lounge room.

Accessible Villa Main Bedroom


You are in the main bedroom, facing the queen size bed, window, and TV. To your right is the door to the kitchen. To your left is a closet with mirrors. 

Accessible Villa Second Bedroom


You are in the second bedroom, facing the window and a double single bunk bed. On your right is the closest, with large mirrors. To your left is the single bed and night stand with a light.

Accessible Villa Bathroom


You are in the accessible bathroom facing the window; to your right are the shower and toilet. To your left is the mirror, sink and stand. Behind you is the door to the kitchen.